Did you know that José Saramago was also a translator?

Did you know that José Saramago was also a translator?

It is not uncommon for writers to begin their careers as translators, and Saramago was no exception.

Around the mid-1950s, Saramago began to explore the world of translation before writing his first book.

His first translation was of Erich-Maria Remarque’s “Spark of Life,” in 1955. The author and translator had translated upwards of 60 books by the mid-1980s.

Saramago respected the translators’ work so much that he acknowledged them during his acceptance speech when receiving the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature.

About translators, he said: “Writers make national literature, translators the universal literature. Writers would be nothing without translators, and we'd be forced to remain secluded in our own languages.”

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