Do you have questions about how to use articles "a" and "an"?

Today we are going to answer a very common question: When to use the English-language indefinite articles “a” or “an”?

The article “a” is used before words that begin with the sound of a consonant, while the article “an” comes before words that begin with a vowel sound.

It may seem simple, but you should keep in mind that the sounds of words in English are different from Portuguese, and the sounds of letters in a foreign language are also different when put together to form words.
In English, some words may start with a consonant, for example, the letter “h”, which has the same sound as the number “eight”, but in words the “h” will be either silent or voiced. When silent and followed by a vowel, it will be accompanied by the indefinite article “an”, and if voiced, it will be accompanied by the indefinite article “a”. See the examples below:

➡ Silent H: an hour, an honor, an herb.

➡ Voiced H: a hotel, a hospital, a house.

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