Traveling abroad? Take these translation apps with you!

When you visit places where the cultural reality is different from your own, it is fascinating, but one thing that can make you a little nervous is going to a country where the native language is not Portuguese, right?

In these cases, those with a good command of English do well since it is widely spoken all over the world.

Most hotels, restaurants, shop clerks, and guides who deal with international tourists speak English.

Thanks to technology, the language abyss has been filled with applications that connect to servers that contain a ton of data and can even update slang and regional expressions.

Check out the best translation apps you can use when traveling abroad.

1- Google Translate
Free for iOS and Android, it translates into 103 languages. In the offline mode, it can translate in up to 52 languages.

2- iTranslate
This app has free and paid versions for iOS and Android. It is excellent for translating short sentences, and its system translates up to 90 languages.

3- Forvo
Free for Android and paid for iOS, this is an application intended for more advanced speakers of the languages.

4- Takeasy
Free for iOS and Android, Takeasy translates and interprets images, audio, and text in limited languages.

5- Reverso
Available in paid and free versions for IOS and Android, this app helps build sentences in 11 languages.

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