Transcription & Subtitling

Both transcription and subtitling are activities that stem from a single product: audio. However, they are different. Transcription entails writing out audio into the same language, while subtitling involves writing what is said in another language.

Transcription is offered in two formats: literal or revised. In the literal format, any mistakes, incoherence and pauses, etc., are maintained, while the revised format adapts the dialog to standard language. Subtitling, in turn, is offered in several languages and different video formats. It is also produced based on the audio and time code and can either be coupled to the video or embedded directly into a shot. 

Lectures, interviews, meetings, classes, films, television series and recordings for legal purposes can all be transcribed and subtitled. In the case of subtitling, a localization process is also required. The language must be adjusted to the target audience, and the GPXLator team is an expert in this field. 

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